What is a smart home?

Watch the video above. This will answer most of your questions in just a few minutes.

Will my smart home be easy to use?

Yes! We ensure a well designed, programmed and installed system so everyone in the house can easily use it. Our clients all end up loving their homes even more and wondering how they ever lived without it!

Is it affordable?

Yes! The price of home technology has dropped significantly in the last few years making it affordable to more people than ever before. We want to see a home automation system in every home and condominium! KRU has solutions and packages that almost anyone can afford. Contact us for more information.

Is it worth it?

Our clients think so! Once you have a smart home we know you will love it and wonder how you ever lived without it.

Will it increase the value of my home?

Home technology and centralized entertainment is becoming an expected feature when people are looking to purchase a new home or condominium. We recently upgraded a condominium downtown and afterwards the owner's realtor appraised it's increase value for more than the cost of the installation! If you have a choice between buying a home with home technoloogy or not and the prices are similar which would you choose?

Can you upgrade existing and older homes?

Yes! There are more existing homes than new homes. KRU has solutions for existing homes to bring your house into the 21st century: Entertainment, Lighting, Security, Motorized window coverings and more.

I am building, when should I call you?

Now! The sooner the better. KRU is a full service company that can provide all your electrical, low voltage, audio, video, security, lighting and home automation services. A well designed smart home starts as a design before any wiring takes place. We are designers, artists, engineers and installers. What we do involves integrating with a multitude of systems in your new home. If you wait too long you may be limited to what you can have and it may end up costing more than it needed to.

Do I have to do the whole house now?

No! You can start with one room and then keep adding more rooms, features and functions over time. A home automation system from KRU is like a menu, you can start with an appetizer or you can have the full three course meal now.

What control systems do you sell?

What audio video brands do you carry?

What speaker brands do you carry?

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