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Have you always wanted that "killer sound system"? We specialize in high quality audio lines that sound incredible. KRU sells and installs select lines of audiophile hifi equipment, speakers, amplifiers preamplifiers and turntables. Our hifi lines represent some of the very best and respected brands from around the world. West Vancouver Perlisten Audio Speakers dealer: Perceptual Listening. No matter what your taste in music, recording style, or media room, we will elevate your passion for listening to the music and movies you love. PERLISTEN speakers and subwoofers are the ultimate in audio performance. A complete list of audiophile high fidelity brands we represent is on our HiFi products page.

West Vancouver Perlisten S7t Tower Speakers
West Vancouver Perlisten D212s Subwoofer
West Vancouver Perlisten R7t Tower Speakers

HiFi power amplifiers

ATI power amplifiers for your hifi music and movie experience. 2-7 channel models available. 200W per channel at 8ohm and 300W at 4ohm. ATI amps are passively cooled with large heat sinks for efficiency and low noise operation. Featuring toroidal transformers with bi-filar windings ensures low noise and crosstalk, hallmarks of all ATI amplifiers. The rear has both balanced and unbalanced input options. These are "Beasts".

ATI class ab power amplifiers
ATI power amplifier XLR balanced inputs

Whole house HiFi

ATI makes THE best distributed audio power amplifiers you can buy in our opinion. They sound fantastic and built like tanks. 12-16 Channel models for 6 zone or 8 zone audio systems. Hifi music anywhere in your home simply and easily. We sell and install hifi multi-room whole house audio and speakers systems that sound great and are simple to use.

ATI Distributed audio amplifiers
Class AB Distributed audio amplifiers
Music Streaming

Music streaming

Grab your phone and start your music anywhere in the house. Take advantage of today's online streaming systems with Airplay, Chromecast, Spotify, Tunein and more. Seamlessly integrated into your whole house sound system.

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