Smart Lighting

It's time to think about the lighting in your home or commercial space in a whole new way. Ambience, energy management, aesthetics, lifestyle, automated redundant tasks, security. It's time to think "one touch" to control entire groups of lights for personalized "lighting scenes". Designer keypads with custom engraved buttons in a multitude of color options. Transform the lighting control in your home from boring to personalized visual art.

Smart lighting control

Lighting Design

Lighting control is here to stay. It requires a completely different set of design and layout paramenters when dealing with new construction to maximize the benefits from both a functional and aestheic approach. It's time to forget how your lighting has been laid out on the blueprints as it hasn't changed in 40 years.

To maximize the benefit's of today's lighting control systems and reduce the costs we need to get involved BEFORE the electricians start. We will design your home's lighting to have more features than ever, less switches, no more 3-ways and no more dreaded "wall pollution". You will have a clean minimalistic modern finish when we are done.

New or Existing Homes

We can install a smart lighting system into existing homes. We have product lines that are 100% retrofitable to simply replace your old light switches.

Lighting can become part of your home's security providing a safer environment for your family. Scheduled and custom programming makes sure your exterior lights adjust nightly to the time of year and your interior lighting simulates "occupancy" to make your home look lived in while away.

lighting control systems
Lighting control specialists

Lighting Control Specialists

With over 20 years of experience in lighting control technology and design KRU can introduce you to a whole new concept in the way you control and interact with the lighting in your home. Properly designed lighting can transform your home from a work of art into a masterpiece and save energy at the same time. Available for both new construction and renovations at an affordable price.

  • Simple to use
  • Elegant designer finishes
  • Clean minimalistic walls
  • One touch lighting scenes
  • Automated lighting control
  • Occupancy simulation
  • Easy lighting schedules
  • Lifestyle scenes
  • Reliable