TAO Tessile Shades - Made in Italy

TAO Tessile blinds - Italian designer fabrics

TAO Tessile window treatments - Italian style

Tao Tessile window shades

Tao Tessile designer fabrics for window shading and blinds are provided by our konsortium partner "the shading company". This allows you to integrate the latest Italian designer fabrics into motorized shades controlled by your central home automation system installed by KRU. Tao Design represents the brand concept which is at the heart of technical-stylistic development of all Everest productions. Contact us for a window shading estimate

Made in Italy

Located in the heart of the Veneto region, Everest represents an industrial entity which places the ability to develop innovation central to its competitive challenge within international markets, not seen as simply a challenge between companies, but between Systems and Cultures. The Everest Group equally sees it fundamental to communicate the distinct value of Made in Italy, via its individual technology and Tao Design, supporting an industrial project which serves the purpose of securing economic growth, social and ethical development across all areas tackled.

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