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KRU has worked with builders for many years. We understand how important time tables, budgets and professional installations are. Today's buyer is expecting that the home they purchase includes, or has the capabilites for home automation, multi-zone audio, streaming video, lighting control, remote access and more. This is what we do every day. This is our specialty. We can help make your product better and more attractive.

Custom homes

For most custom home builds we usually end up working directly with the home owner to give them exactly what they want. We liason and work closely with you and your crews to accomplish the owner's wishes in a professional and timely manner.

Spec homes

You are doing this to make money. The faster you can sell your product at the realistic market value the better.

Our "speculation home packages" are designed specifically to enhance your product to prospective buyers. A buyer is more likely to be attracted to a home with cool tech in it vs one without. It's an expectation buyers have today.

Tek Home staging

Turnkey staging solutions to showcase technology entertainment, lighting and control options available to home buyers. Similar to furniture staging, our technology staging is designed specifically to enhance the home you are selling and get it sold faster.

One company less subtrades

We are a full service company providing all your electrical, low voltage, security, audio, video, lighting and home technology needs. This has four key benefits to you: Less contractors to deal with, our workmen are fully versed on the requirements of the technology being installed, quality control and efficiency. We ensure a professional end product that saves you time and money.

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What is a smart home?

A home that has a central control system integrated and controling: audio, video, lighting, heat, window coverings, security, locks, motors, water features, pools and more. It enables the home owner to easily control all aspects of their home's entertainment, functions, energy consumption and security from simple to use interfaces such as remote controls, touchscreens, computers, tablets and phones both in the house and from anywhere in the world.

Is it easy to use?

Yes! We ensure a well designed, programmed and installed system that is easy to use. We can also setup turnkey "realtor open house" scenes with our "Spec" home packages.

Is it affordable?

Yes! The price of home technology has dropped significantly in the last few years making it more affordable than ever before. KRU has well priced solutions for custom and spec homes. Contact us for a private consultation.

Is it worth it?

Our clients think so! People today are expecting home technology to be included in new homes. Just like stainless steel appliances or stone countertops, buyers expect to be able to use their phones to control the house, listen to music anywhere and watch media anywhere. If a buyer has the option to purchase a home with home technology or without and the price is similar, which one do you think they will choose? So, we ask you, is making the home you build more attractive to buyers and potentially selling the home faster worth giving us a call?

Will it increase the value of the home?

Yes it can! We recently modernized an existing new condominium in downtown Vancouver with smart lighting, HVAC integration and automated window shades. Afterwards the owner's realtor appraised the increased valuation for more than the cost of the installation! If you have a choice between buying a home with home technology or not and the prices are similar which would you choose?

Why should I spend money on this?

Buyers expect it today! Just like you are expected to put in stainless steel appliances and stone countertops. Today's buyer is expecting the ability to listen to their music throughout the home, watch media in multiple locations, include a smart lighting system and control their home with their smart phones and tablets.

Sales advantage! We know this is a fact. We can give you an edge over your competition. We have clients that have purchased homes from builders KRU works with over other homes because of the smart home technology included and the homes were wired to today's industry standards. Contact us to find out how we can make your product more valuable.

Its all wireless right?

Wrong! The house you build requires properly engineered low voltage wiring for today's home technology standards. While "some" features are wireless, the foundation of the home's inner workings still rely on wire. Today's wiring requirements are completely different than those of the past. We continously see builders still wiring homes like they were done 30 years ago. Times have changed and a properly wired home is now an expected standard requirement by home buyers. Contact us today about having KRU design and install your low voltage wiring. We have competitive pricing points depending on the type of build you are doing. Wire is cheap in the grand scheme of a build budget.

Do you do spec homes or just custom?

Both! We treat spec homes and custom homes differently. For spec home builders we deal directly with you to maximize the profit and sales potential of your build. We have years of experience in this area. This is why we created our builder specific "Spek" packages. For custom homes we work with you, the home owner, the designers and all trades involved to ensure the home owner gets exactly what they want.

When should I bring KRU onto a project?

At the begining! We are a full service company for builders providing design, sales, electrical, low voltage structured wiring, audio, video, lighting, security, and installation.

Do you provide electrical and low voltage?

Yes! We are a full service company for builders providing full electrical and low voltage wiring.

Do you provide security?

Yes! We are a full service company for builders providing home security solutions through our preferred partner.

Someone else wired the home, can I hire you to finish it off?

Yes! We are often called in to finish a job that was not done correctly and the original company does not have the expertise to complete the job. There are caveats on this type of job because we were not involved in the design and wiring process. Contact us for a private consultation.

Do you provide motorized window coverings?

Yes! This is a highly popular item these days. Contact us for a private consultation.

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