Smart homes for home owners

The technology available today for your home is nothing short of amazing and affordable. We can make your home more enjoyable, comfortable and secure. KRU will guide you through the complete line of home automation and entertainment options available so you can make educated and comfortable decisions as to what you want in your home.

What is a smart home?

Take a few moments and watch the video above to get a good overview about what a "smart" home is.

Is it easy to use?

Yes! We ensure a well designed, programmed and installed system so everyone in the house can easily use it. Our clients all end up loving their homes even more and wondering how they ever lived without it!

Is it affordable?

Yes! The price of home technology has dropped significantly in the last few years making it affordable to more people than ever before. We want to see a home automation system in every home and condominium! KRU has solutions and packages that almost anyone can afford. Contact us for more information.

Is it worth it?

Our clients think so! Once you have a smart home we know you will love it and wonder how you ever lived without it.

Will it increase the value of my home?

Smart home systems are becoming an expected feature when people are looking to purchase a new home or condominium. We recently upgraded a condominium downtown and afterwards the owner's realtor appraised it's increase value for more than the cost of the installation! If you have a choice between buying a home with home technology or not and the prices are similar which would you choose?

Do you do just new construction?

No. While new construction is the most ideal situation we actually install far more systems into existing homes. We can, for example, swap out your old school lighting system with a new smart lighting system as is. Give us a call.

Can I use my own existing AV equipment?

We prefer to supply all the equipment to ensure your finished system will work reliably. However, if you already have equipment we will advise if we can work with it and do our best to use your existing equipment.

It's all wireless right?

Wrong! This is an incredibly common misconception today. The idea that somehow all your gear can magically talk to each other without any interconnecting wires and somehow all your music, video, speakers, TV's etc don't need any wired connections is simply wrong. We are a quite a ways away from that reality. The truth is, some products, like your phone, laptops are wireless BUT if you want true HD movie streaming it is not happening without wire and an HDMI cable. If you want good sound through good speakers you need wire. If you want realiability you really need wire.

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