Whole house music

Listen to your music anywhere in your home simply and easily. Select and control what you want where you want from any mobile device. Play different music in different parts of your home simultaneously. We sell and install multi-room whole house audio and speakers systems that sound great and are simple to use. High fidelity (HiFi) sound? We have you covered!

Control4 Music Whole House
Music Streaming

Music streaming

Grab your phone and start your music anywhere in the house. Take advantage of today's online streaming systems with Airplay, Chromecast, Spotify, Tunein and more. Seamlessly integrated into your whole house sound system.

HiFi audio quality

Have you always wanted that "killer sound system"? We specialize in high quality audio lines that sound incredible. KRU sells and installs select lines of audiophile hifi equipment, speakers, amplifiers preamplifiers and turntables. Our hifi lines represent some of the very best and respected brands from around the world. Paradigm, MK Sound, Perlisten Audio, ATI Amplifiers and more. A complete list of audiophile high fidelity brands we represent is on our audiophile products page.

HiFi Audio Audiophile Equipment
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