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M&K Sound are audiophile reference THX speakers from Denmark. Incredible accurate sound reproduction used and trusted by professional sound studios around the world. This means our customers with MK speakers are listening to recordings on the same speakers they were mixed on at the studios! MK are unique in their design as they DO require being paired with their subwoofers. All MK Speakers have a fixed linear 80hz cutoff point, which is where their phenomenal subwoofers kick in to handle the low frequencies down to 20hz.

Amazing accurate sound!

We love quality sound and when it comes to the good stuff, MK is at the top of the table. We have done extensive critical listening across a wide range of music and movies on this pedigree THX speaker line powering them with the wicked kick butt ATI amplifiers, Integra THX prepros and straightwire cables. Accurate reproduction, super tight bass, smooth full midrange, crystal clear highs. There is no ear fatique and no distortion no matter how loud you crank it up. You can hear even the most subtle nuances of the recordings. You are "in the show" and truly hearing the music as it is meant to be heard. Quite frankly, we are blown away by how good MK speakers sound! and our clients can have this same experience in their homes. For clients wanting truly the best sound in their home theatres, NOTHING beats MK!

Conclusion: When setup correctly you get very best accurate sound reproduction we have heard from any speaker. Our clients all have one thing in common when they choose MK loudspeakers....a huge smile on their face!

The MK speaker line consists of studio quality THX in-wall, on-wall, subwoofers and floor standing for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. We are very proud to represent one of the highest quality speaker lines in the world! Contact us to order your M&K Speakers today.

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